Eiisha Morgan Mansion. Monthly Meeting Location.

2017 Schedule & Newsletters

The Fairfield Historical Society meets every first Tuesday of the month between March and November 2016. We meet at the Elisha Morgan Mansion. It is located on Ross Road in Fairfield, OH.

Every month the members and guests have inspiring speakers and present many great historical facts about Fairfield and the surrounding communities. They talk about the History of Fairfield and how it relates to the present day. Please come and join us for our monthly meetings.

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Speakers for Monthly Meetings



 March 7, 2017 - Speaker Pete Groh Part II. Fairfield City Schools


 April 4, 2017 - Art Pizzano - Retired City Manager for City of Fairfield, shares his penner.


 May 2, 2017 - Dave Crouch - Former Utilities Director


 June 6, 2017 Tim Bachman Former Economic Development Director


 July 5, 2017 Show and Tell悠nteresting Memorabilia to Share


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Building on the Past, Present and Future of Fairfield, Ohio..

Fairfield Historical Society

The City of Fairfield recognized The Fairfield Historical Society with the Community Service Award (above) for their many efforts to Collect, compile, and promote our history.